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Speaking and Presenting Workshop 19/10/21 afternoon

Tuesday 19 October 2021, 2pm - 4pm

Microsoft Teams


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Are you worried about the thought of having to stand up and speak in front of an audience?  Most graduate jobs today will require a presentation as part of the interview process so this is a skill well worth mastering. This workshop covers preparation, the route of your talk, speaking techniques and creating a positive attitude towards your presentation. The overall purpose of this unit is to help you increase brevity, confidence and fluency; attributes which help keep you going when undertaking presentations. The session thus provides tips in practical skills and confidence to help you get your message effectively across to your audience. 

You may wish to attend a further session whereby you will be invited to deliver a short presentation in front of a small peer audience and receive feedback from friendly and supportive staff.  Look out for the Practical Presentations workshop.