Events in June

Forthcoming Events

Fri 15th June

End of Year Thorpe Park Trip
8am - 7:30pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.

Sat 16th June

End of Year Rhossili Beach Trip
9am - 8pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
Celebrate the end of exams with a day at the beach.

Sun 17th June

End of Year Stonehenge Trip
9am - 7:30pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.
End of Year Waterfall Walk
10am - 5pm
SU, Senghennydd Rd.

Fri 22nd June

National 3 Peaks
22nd June noon - 24th June 9pm
WEMS are attempting to climb the 3 biggest peaks of Scotland, Wales and England within 24 hrs
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