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Dirty Fridays

Friday 01 October 2021, 5pm - 1am

The Taf

Event Information

Dirty Fridays means Dirty Discounts! You can get a filthy 50% off selected drinks and get real messy with 50% off our dirty fries.  


Time to get a bit messy with £1.25 VKs, pints of Carling or Stowford for £1.45 and £1.50 per 25ml of Whitley Neil Raspberry Gin! And that's just a teaser, there's 50% off more drinks!


Opt for slight mess with our delicious crispy bacon and marghertia pizza fries, dare to be moderately messy with our BBQ chicken, macaroni cheese and pulled pork fries or let chaos ensue as you battle the epic chilli fries.  


Grab a napkin or 12 because it’s about to get messy. Dirty Fridays every Friday at The Taf from 5pm.