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Wellbeing Officer Training

Tuesday 17 September 2024, 9:30am - noon

Room 3G


£0.00 (Students)

Event Information

This event is for elected Wellbeing Officers only. Free ticket, please purchase if you have been elected as Wellbeing Officer 24/25. 

Wellbeing Officer Training is designed to help train each student group's Wellbeing Officer to understand the boundaries of their role, gain a broader understanding of what students might be going through while at University, and what they can do in different situations as Wellbeing Officers. Different services will also be signposted to, and there will be a chance for interaction throughout.

Every Wellbeing Officer must attend one Wellbeing Officer Training session, lasting a maximum of 2.5 hours. There are 24 spaces per session, so sign up as soon as possible.